Pool and Jacuzzi Chemicals and Products

In addition to paint, Splash of Color also offers a wide selection of pool and spa chemicals. Our staff will teach you the pros and cons of products currently on the market and will work with you to help you decide on the best option based on your pool or spa type and preferences.


Resort Pool

Splash of Color offers a wide variety of pool chemicals and products including chlorine, shock, conditioners, stabilizers, test strips and water test bottles. Adjusters, including PHOS free solutions, soda ash, dry acid, conditioning pods and many stain removing options are also available.

For low maintenance methods to maintain healthy levels of chlorine, floaters with ducks, fish, and frogs are available. For sensitive eyes and skin, we offer chlorine alternatives including chlorine-free sanitizers, ozonators, and more. One of the most popular non-chlorine systems we sell comes from BAQACIL, a three-step system that is easy to use and safe for the whole family. It is also easy on pool liners and equipment, making it a very cost-effective long-term solution.


We are now carrying Poolife products that help ensure your pool stays clean. With two different pool care systems to choose from with easy 3-step processes to follow, you will wonder why you haven’t been using these products all along. With a combination of chlorinating tablets, shock treatment and algaecide, your pool will stay crystal clear all summer long. Other Brands we carry:
  • Bioguard: Bioguard is a top of the line pool & spa chemical brand that offers pool cleaning products for chlorine, salt and non-chlorine pools.
  • Regal: Regal offers sanitizers, algaecides, balancers, oxidizers and supplements to help prevent and clear up problems at consumer-friendly prices.
  • Natural Chemistry: Natural Chemistry offers products to help keep your pool pH-balanced with chemicals to remove phosphates, metals, scale, stain and more.
  • Hayward: Hayward specializes in pool heaters, pumps, skimmers, and parts for all of your pool and spa needs


Man in Hot Tub

Spas require chemicals made especially for hot tubs and Jacuzzis as the water is much warmer and the area is smaller. Chlorine, balancer, and stain remover kits are available. Brominating tabs kill germs and prevent algae growth. Splash of Color also has pH Lock, anti-foam, pipe and jet cleaner, products that clean out oils, lotions, cosmetics, hair products, and sweat, and products to clear cloudy water. While spas require diligent maintenance, we make it easy to get all the products you need.


Brilliance offers a variety of spa maintenance products to keep your spa or jacuzzi clear and clean. We carry chlorine & bromine tabs for sanitizer along with pH increaser & pH decreaser, metal and scale control, filter cleaner, clarifier, and more. Other Brands We Carry:
  • Leisure Time Natural Chemistry: Leisure Time Natural Chemistry features products that work well to balance the chemistry of your water.
  • Natural Chemistry: Natural Chemistry helps keep your spa in balance. With chemicals to address phosphates, metals, scale, stains and other contaminants, you can’t go wrong.

Additional Products

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Additional products we carry include liquid pool shock, muriatic acid, pool filters, D.E. powder, sand, salt, vacuums, hoses, skimmer nets, poles, patch kits, winter testing kits and Winter Closing Kits. If we don't have something you need in stock we will gladly order it for you!

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