Benjamin Moore Paints, Primers, Finishes and More

Splash of Color carries the full array of paint types and colors from Benjamin Moore. We have options for interior and exterior painting as well as water-based and solvent-based paints. There are also environmentally friendly, zero VOC, and low VOC options.

Interior Paints

Aura Interior Paint

We offer a wide range of interior primers, paints and finishes for various applications. Some of them include the following:

  • Aura interior paint: Aura interior paint is moisture resistant and has color lock technology, working as a paint and primer all in one.
  • Aura Color Foundation: Aura Color Foundation is composed of 100% acrylic latex and is an effective base coat for deep colors.
  • Natura: Natura paint is environmentally friendly and self-priming on most surfaces.
  • ADVANCE: ADVANCE interior paint has excellent adhesion properties and you can sand it, making it a great choice for almost any interior paint project.
  • Waterborne Ceiling Paint: Waterborne Ceiling Paint is specially designed to hide minor imperfections in ceilings.
  • Fresh Start primers: Fresh Start primers are used to help your colors stay brighter and help extend the life of your paint job.
  • Studio Finishes: Studio Finishes take your color to another dimension by adding interesting textures to solid colors.
  • Ben low VOC: Ben low VOC paint provides an excellent flat finish for ceilings and low traffic areas.
  • Chalkboard paint: Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint transforms an ordinary surface into a chalkboard.
  • Satin Impervo: Satin Impervo is made with metal substrates only and is easy to apply with a brush, roller, or spray gun.
  • Waterborne Satin Impervo: Waterborne Satin Impervo paint is 100% acrylic and is tough enough to withstand repeated washing and scrubbing.
  • Impervex latex high-gloss enamel: Impervex latex high-gloss enamel can be used indoors and outdoors for projects that require a high gloss finish.
  • Kitchen and Bath: Benjamin Moore Kitchen and Bath paint is ideal for clean, gloss surfaces.
  • Benwood clear finishes: Benwood clear finishes are ideal clear coat finishes for interior wood surfaces.
  • Aura Bath & Spa paints: Aura Bath & Spa paints are especially designed to resist mildew in humid areas and stains wash off easily. They are great at hiding flaws in the wall underneath.
Other products to compliment interior paint include our Paint Extender, Muresco Ceiling Paint, Flooring Solutions, primer, door enamels, and caulks.

Exterior Paints

Aura Exterior Paint

Aura Exterior Paint is available in thousands of colors and is great for garages, sheds, and outdoor areas of your house. Below are a few noteworthy paints we carry:

  • ARBORCOAT wood stain: ARBORCOAT wood stain creates rich, long lasting colors on your decks, porches, and doorframes.
  • Benjamin Moore Premium Exterior Stain: Benjamin Moore Premium Exterior Stain will give you a beautiful rustic matte finish.
  • Ben Exteriors: Ben Exteriors is a low VOC mid-priced line that's perfect for a variety of outdoor applications.
  • Sikkens: Sikkens provides top-of-the-line semi-transparent, & solid stains that are ideal for houses, decks, & sidings.
Other exterior paints available include Benjamin Moore exterior paint, Impervex Latex High Gloss, and Impervo Alkyd High Gloss.

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